Business Thoughts: Starting a business – again!?!

My mind is restless today. It’s the sum of my recent thoughts about our future family plans. My husband and I came up with a decision that our maximum stay here in Qatar should be five (5) years. (Our native country is Philippines. We are here in middle east because my husband’s current job is here.)

The only resort we can think of is to establish a stable business in the Philippines within five years so that in time of going back home for good, we already have a sustainable financial resources for our family needs. So here I am, a naturally business enthusiast person got so thrilled and challenged with the fact that “I need to come up with a good business idea that I can make flourish within five years.”

Realistically speaking, to build a sustainable business in five years is a one tough challenge for every entrepreneur. I am excited and thrilled at the same time. My mind is blowing with ideas and possibilities.

My Business Background

I am passionate about business – from creating ideas to putting it into reality; to handling and managing system and people; and to other important aspects of building a good business. I just love it!

However, I am not so proud to share that up until today, I have not been able to establish a stable one. I tried many small start-up businesses in the past (way back when I was single). Here are some of the businesses I started but ended up closing it due to circumstances that I would say… “the universe is just simply telling me that it is not for me.”

  • Engineering design and consultancy firm – this was my first venture in business. My team and I started small – taking one engineering project at a time. But because I was the only one who handles the firm full time and my other members were doing it as a side hustle, we were not able to grow and sustain handling regular projects.
  • Training and seminars consultancy firm – this next venture is a leap to something new. This is far from my real profession as engineer (unlike the 1st business, it is related). But I learned that I have a good skill in facilitating training and seminars to people. I enjoyed speaking, making training modules and facilitating seminar events. So I started my on firm and offered services to schools, companies and small institutions. But again, it did not last long. I realized that it is not for me. I enjoyed it but I am not passionate about it.
  • Frozen foods manufacturer and distributor – can you imagine my shifts!? From engineering to training to selling frozen foods like longaniza, bacons and hotdogs!? I didn’t know anything about it but I met someone who taught me how to do it and eventually decided to make it as a business. Again, it did not last long because it is clearly not meant for me.

I still have lots of small business that are too many to mention. In spite all the failures that I faced when I was younger, I never regretted any of it. I learned a lot from it and I enjoyed the hardships and challenges it brought me along the way.

(Perhaps in the future, I’ll be writing a separate blog what I learned about business, failing and not giving up.)

Different perspective in making decisions for building a business

I was single and care-free then. For me, it was the best time to try out business because the risk of failing and losing has no big effect on the people around me. It’s just me and my own money.

But now it’s different… I have my own family now and we are just starting. Soon, I will have children to feed and send to school. It is not just about me anymore. The risk of failing will always be there but I know I have to be more careful and intentional.

That is why my mind is clouded lately of thinking about starting a business and considering all the calculated risks to lessen the chances of failing. I have to think and plan carefully. I have a thing in mind already but I’ve got to prepare my mind well. Because this time I have a new reason why I will do business. It is not all about me anymore. It is about the family we are building. 🙂

Note: If you have thoughts to share that you think can help me with this new venture that I am trying to explore, please feel free to comment and share your insights. I’d love to hear it! Thanks in advance! 🙂