My Big Baby with a Big Head

My photo when I was still 7 months pregnant.

Two months since my water broke, labored for 9 hours but ended up delivering a baby via cesarean section because her head is too big to pass through my birth canal. (I gave birth on September 5, 2019.)

It’s been two months since I gave birth to this “big baby with a big head” (as what the doctors and nurses would call her). Born weighing 4.36kg (9.6 lbs) with diagnosis of macrocephaly (abnormally large head size), we were instructed to see a neurologist for further investigations on her brain. It was my first time to encounter MRI scanning and genetics test – and these are such big words for me. Every time we will go to the hospital, there is a small impression in my heart that feels like my baby is not a normal baby. Why does she has to go through these special assessments? But every time she smiles and giggles, it feels like she’s telling me, “Don’t worry mommy. I am okay.”

This is Rosea, my baby. The “big baby with a big head.”

In my prayers, I asked God to give me wisdom to understand all these new experiences in my life. Today, He gave me an answer. He reminded me that Rosea is His, not ours. We are just His stewards of this new beautiful life. He reminded me that our child’s life has already planned perfectly by Him and we must surrender; and to be simply thankful and glad that He gave us this privilege to serve Him by taking care of her.

It has been two months of purely God’s grace, love and mercy in our family. We have a very long way to go, more days and years to experience God’s goodness and faithfulness in our life. Thank You, our Lord and God – for everything. All glory and praises to You alone. Thank You, my Jesus.

~ Madylene’s Diary (November 5, 2019)